Patricia Wakefield

Clinical Social Worker

I am a seasoned clinical social worker with experience helping adults and couples. I help clients develop compassion, awareness, and flexibility so they are more likely to thrive.  I seek to provide steadiness and warm support when you feel most challenged and vulnerable.  My clinical training includes community mental health, couple therapy, and medical social work.  As a former research scientist, I bring a spirit of curiosity and knowledge of biology to complement modern understanding of Eastern and Western psychology.  I encourage taking positive action to cultivate wellbeing. 

Education and Experience
  • BA, Biology, Wellesley College
  • SM, Applied Biology, MIT
  • Published cancer researcher 
  • Tilted at windmills in corporate America 
  • Management consultant based in beautiful Nassau, Bahamas
  • MSW, Clinical Social Work, Florida State University
  • MBA, University of Wisconsin Consortium
  • Pennsylvania (LCSW #CW013287)
  • Massachusetts (LICSW #119344)
  • Michigan (LMSW #6801100720)
  • California (LCSW #83491)
  • Florida (LCSW #SW16327 )

Encourage me and I will not forget you.