New Patient Requests

Patricia Wakefield, LCSW (PA, CA, FL), LICSW (MA), LMSW (MI)

I only work with adult patients (18+ years old) who have accounts with an Amwell-powered telemedicine platform. Check our list of Amwell-contracted health plans or call your health plan directly. Make sure you verify your benefits, co-plays, and deductibles. All fees are determined by Amwell.

Because of licensing laws, patients must be located in PA, CA, FL, MA, or MI at appointment time.

If you are unable to schedule through the Amwell-powered telemedicine platform, you may request a new patient appointment for adult individual or couple therapy by emailing me at info AT patriciawakefieldtherapy DOT com with a simple message (“Hello, I’d like an appointment.”) I make every effort to respond within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Patient Scheduling

I can see your profile and available appointments on my Amwell-powered telemedicine platform, but the system will not allow me to book a visit. Why is this happening?

You may get a popup message that I am only seeing existing patients or not accepting new patients. This occurs when the provider has closed their calendar to public view to prevent overbooking or because their caseload is full.

If I experience this problem, can I still get a new patient appointment with you?

Yes. You are welcome to request an appointment!

About Patricia Wakefield

I am a clinical social worker with licenses to practice in Pennsylvania, California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Michigan. Patients must be located in one of these states at appointment time. I work for Amwell Medical Group using telemedicine platforms powered by Amwell.

More about me

Get In Touch

  • info AT patriciawakefieldtherapy DOT com
  • Please do not share personal health information outside of Amwell powered telemedicine platforms.
  • Clients only, no marketers please.

Virtual Office Hours

Mondays 9 am – 7 pm ET
Tuesdays, Wednesdays 9 am – 8 pm ET
Thursdays 9 am – 5 pm ET

I am based in the Eastern US time zone. Early morning appointments for East Coast time zone clients available upon request.

For a mental health emergency, call 988 or go to your nearest emergency room. The national Suicide Prevention Hotline number is 800-273-TALK (8255). The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Hotline is 800-799-SAFE (7233).