Cultivating Strengths

We have fabulous powers and potentials. Some are muted, unrealized, and imminent. Others glimmer brilliantly about us.

Dennis Saleebey, The Strength Perspective in Social Work Practice
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Dennis Saleebey wrote, “I believe that all of us somewhere, perhaps deep within, have the desire to be heroic: to rise above the nagging, petty concerns of the day, to develop our potential, to surmount hardship, to confront challenges, to be heard and to be a part of something that surpasses the trifling interests of self, to shape and realize our hopes and dreams. The heroic in everyday life is life-affirming. It is the thought, word, and deed, the basic character, however muted or oppressed, that struggles for life, for connection, for caring.”

In your therapy journey, I hope you will find more of yourself than you imagined.

  • Strengths
  • Curiosity
  • Potential to learn
  • Fortitude
  • Generosity