Appointment Policy

I provide reservation-based therapy services. Twenty four hours notice is required for appointment changes and cancellations, unless of course an emergency occurs.

Repeated failure to comply with the appointment policy will result in termination of services.

Why giving adequate notice to your therapist matters

I am here to help, but I can’t help you (or anyone else) if you miss or late cancel appointments. Missed and late cancelled appointments prevent other patients from accessing therapy. Visits last 38-45 minutes, so if you miss your appointment, no one else can access that time slot.

The economics of therapy services

You may not realize it, but in our health care system, therapists work fee-for-service, so do not earn unless they provide a service.

Like all businesses, health care services have fixed costs. If you don’t keep an appointment, the therapist is not helping patients and has unusable time until the next reserved appointment. The therapist is not earning money for themselves, support staff, or their organization.

The results? Patients can’t get appointments. Therapists find other ways to earn a living. Organizations cut staff to trim costs. Patients experience this as a shortage of therapists, needing to find a new therapist, lengthy waits for services, and higher copays and premiums.

Alternatives to reservation-based therapy

There are situations for which reservation-based therapy is not feasible. If your current situation or symptoms prevent you from keeping reserved appointments, here are alternatives to research and use instead.

  • Hotlines, chat lines, warmlines
  • Local or virtual support groups
  • Local or virtual 12 step programs
  • Subscription based virtual on-demand chat therapy